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ECA Technology - The "Green Solution"

The world is becoming increasing aware that the majority of traditional and chemical based disinfectants have significant downsides – they are expensive, toxic, energy intensive and are not completely effective in combating all forms of micro-organisms especially pathogens that cause infection and illness to their hosts. The consequences in terms of cost to personal health, budgets and public liability increases and the cost to the environment escalates.

ECA Technology is the term used for Electrical Chemical Activation processes that produce powerful but entirely safe disinfectants and biocides using only the simple inputs of ordinary water and salt passed across a patented electrochemical cell.

ECA Technology represents the most environmentally sensitive biocide technology available which is totally effective in eliminating all forms of micro-organisms either in water supplies or on work surfaces and materials. The inputs of water and salt are naturally occurring and sustainable products while the output biocide is pH neutral, non-toxic and non-hazardous to all macro-organisms while being totally effective against all bacteria, viruses, cysts, protozoa, algae and spoors with no mutation or resistance. The technology allows for the biocides to be produced easily, cheaply and efficiently on-site, which combined with the sustainable properties of the inputs gives it a very small environmental footprint.

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